safer dry skin remedies for our little loves

May 10, 2018




Starting at 4 months old, my youngest child, Titus, started having dry patches on his skin, which eventually turned into chronic eczema. At first, I thought the culprit might be my diet since I was nursing, so I eliminated dairy and gluten but didn't see any real changes. As we tried to find a solution for Titus, we tried lots of over-the-counter creams and even one prescribed by a dermatologist. I tried hydrocortisone cream, which helped a little, but it never went away completely and always came back in full force within 24--48 hours. We use safer laundry detergent, and there aren't any fragrances in our house at all, so I had already eliminated that. Once he began eating solid food, we watched his diet, and there didn't seem to be any trigger foods that caused flare-ups. I was really at a loss. I even went on the eczema foundation website and ordered a few of their (very pricey) creams and ointments and they didn't work for him either. I thought it was just something he was going to have to live with. 

Here is a picture of Titus' skin before. 



 Now as ALWAYS--I will put this caveat out there--EVERYONE's skin is different. What works for one person certainly is not guaranteed to work for another.  


BUT YOU GUYS. When something has literally been a miracle for your baby, do you not want to scream it from the rooftops? I DO!

I kept seeing  Tubby Todd's All Over Ointment on Instagram as being great for dry and itchy skin, and I thought, why not? I have tried everything else, I may as well try this! It wasn't super pricey and I loved the ingredients they used. I bought the All Over Ointment ($16).

(My Pajamas are AMAZING btw. Jcrew, super lighweight for summer and they wash and wear so well. Right now they are on sale for $40!)

Within TWO DAYS of morning and night application, he looked like a new person. Even my husband and my other kids couldn't believe it. We were all so used to Titus itching ALL the time and his skin being red and inflamed....we truly couldn't believe the results.



Of course, I wanted to see if it would stay like that before I said anything or made any claims. I can honestly say, after about five months now,


He is eczema-free!


Hardly ANY breakouts, and he never itches anymore. I cannot believe it!

 Since I was so impressed with the company, I decided to order a few more things to try as well. We have now used the Bubble Bath, Body Wash, and the Dream Cream....all are awesome products! I am so impressed with this company. PLUS no harsh steroids for my baby!


 We also use the Beautycounter Kids Body Wash and Shampoo on him daily (and on my other kiddos). He does great with that and his skin hasn't gotten irritated for over four months now.



If you have been struggling with dry or itchy skin on your little ones, give Tubby Todd a try!


Here is a link for $10 off your first order as well!


photo credit: Willow + Fifth Photography.



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